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Phil Dust

Producer, Songwriter & DJ

Life is one grand, sweet song -

so start the music.

Armed with a fine sense for airtight production and catchy melodies, multi-talented producer Phil Dust has excelled as a mix engineer for over ten years.


He has mixed records for numerous international artists such as Morgan Wallen, May Abd El Aziz, Kelvyn Colt, YouTuber Zack Scott, and film score composer Taras Tkachenko, to name a few.


A hard-working and determined soul, Phil landed his first gig as a resident nightclub DJ to pay for college while studying audio engineering. With years of experience in the industry, a degree in sound engineering and an impressive track record, he’s finally ready to break out on his own and create music that compels people to get on the dance floor.  


Released through 3 Beat, Phil’s upcoming debut single is a vibrant, pulsating dance remake of Jon Pardi’s hit country song “Head Over Boots” that features American singer Jaron Strom.


To capture the romantic vibe, Phil marries a glorious mixture of deep house, folk, and pop with a surprise country fiddle drop. The result is a feelgood dance track capable of infiltrating club sound systems and charts alike. With the release of his debut single in August, Phil will invite music fans into a fresh musical escapade that captivates their senses as they immerse themselves in the sound.

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